Healdsburg POA

Comprised of professional sworn and non-sworn personnel who pride themselves on the partnership built with our citizens and our community.

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About Us

Since 1976, the Healdsburg Police Officers' Association has been representing the brave men and women of the Healdsburg Police Department.

Our members work around the clock to support the department’s mission of “assuring each citizen the opportunity to enjoy life in peace and free from criminal acts,” and “working in partnership with the citizens to provide courteous, professional services.” We aim to achieve this mission by uniting with department leadership, city officials, and the citizens of Healdsburg to keep our community safe.
About HPOA
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Latest News

June 3, 2023
We know our community is facing a whole new set of challenges each and every day while we’re all doing our fair share to remain indoors and protect each other from the recent Coronavirus outbreak.While working remotely seems simple enough here are some recommendations that can help you better adjust to these changes while you settle into a new work routine.Share to help our community continue to #FlattenTheCurve and be sure to comment with your own tips!
First Responders, Community, And COVID-19
June 3, 2023
A Global Pandemic has forced a majority of our community to stay indoors and take preventive measures in order to ensure that we keep our families safe and healthy. This means sweeping changes are taking place all over the nation on a daily basis, while times like this can feel like our world has turned upside down we assure you that the one thing you can count on is your local Law Enforcement standing by you as vigilant as ever. We work around the clock no matter the circumstance to keep our...
Crime Prevention
June 3, 2023
Simple Crime Prevention: Anyone can be a target of even the simplest of crimes. Here are some tips to keep you safe in your everyday life: -Always be aware of your surroundings and who is around you. Take time to observe what people are wearing and what they look like in case you have to describe it later to someone. -Do not leave any items in your car that may be seen as valuable to someone else. Do not give thieves the opportunity. Put valuables in the trunk or cover them so they are no...
You can rest easy knowing that each and every day, we are working diligently to build a safe and prosperous environment for everyone.
Frank Patane

Healdsburg POA

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Supported Charities

Each year we strive to donate not only monetarily, but our time and volunteer hours throughout the community to benefit numerous charities, groups and national organizations.

Please feel free to join our mission by volunteering so WE CAN CONTINUE our community outreach.
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